Are you on pause?

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What does waiting feel like to you?

We wait in lines

We wait in cars

We wait in trains, buses, street corners

We wait on decisions

We wait on the news

We wait on results

We wait for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

We wait for plans to be made

Every moment of our day we exercise the will of waiting which in itself is a discipline in pausing.

The irony is we are anxious, irritated, and quick to run through the pause of waiting.

We want the “waiting” to be quick so we can rush to the other “wait”.

These past few months I’ve had to master the “waiting”.

Some days I’m thankful

Some days I’m anxious

Some days I cry over it

Yet, I have finally come to accept that my “waiting” is not the same as your “waiting”, because I have lessons that I need to learn that will chisel away at my character and expand my understanding and appreciation for the why of my wait.

So, if you are in any season of “wait”…take a second to breathe, for that moment may come again disguised as something greater and you will need the tools you gained in every “waiting” experience to continue to live thoughtfully in your life that knowingly or unknowingly affects others.

Your wait is for you and me.

My wait is for me and you.

Let’s make the pause a party and the wait a wonder.

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