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During this physical distancing time, I have re-organized my closets, my dresser, the kitchen cabinets, my office desk, and the bookshelves. I have sorted in stacks of what I will keep, donate, and throw away.

So it occurred to me, what in my relationships do I need to re-organize? How am I relating to the people around me? How am I serving them? How are they serving me?

It is not an easy conversation to have with oneself because you don’t want to feel alone, nor are people disposable, or at least they shouldn’t be treated that way. My circle is small and intimate, which keeps things healthy. Yet, I know that several relationships are not serving me well.

Where do they belong? Where do I place them? How do I sort them out?

I have not figured that out as of yet; it’s a work in progress. I am setting a new table during my physical distancing, and I am inviting those that will help me grow, those who will sharpen me, those who will challenge me, those who will call me out when they see me losing my way. I am inviting those that will lift me, cheer me on, sit quietly when it’s necessary, and party when required.

A seat at my table will come with some rules…you must be exceptional!

Exceptional potential to be the best you can be without tearing anyone else down. Exceptional ways of loving. Exceptional ways of caring for one another. Exceptional ways of respecting each other’s opinions. Exceptional ways of living with an open mind.

My table is going to look a little different when we meet again, but that’s because I seek to be exceptional in loving, caring, giving, sharing, and living with open hands.

In this season of re-set, where can you learn to be exceptional? Who will have a seat at your table?

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3 responses to “A Seat at my table…”

  1. Ninalou Risolio Avatar
    Ninalou Risolio

    Excellent word!!! I’ve been sensing that in my spirit as well and I received a sermon from a friend that confirmed that, I’ve attached below- Gods has been shifting our old Egypt mentality during this time! Amen hv a blessed week.

    1. SOWE Avatar

      Thank you! I will make sure to listen!

  2. Rita McGhee Avatar
    Rita McGhee

    Thank you for the reminder of Growth!!
    I will continue to grow
    I will continue to move with every moment to have a life of learning to be excellent to be of service to lift as I climb
    To always BE exceptional so I can always have a seat at your table ❤️🥰love u

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