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I was reluctant at first.  Another quiz?  Another label? Aye…really…but I did it.

I took the Enneagram Test.

I subjected myself to the algorithms that would accurately describe in detail my personality type.  Did I learn anything new?  Nah, not really.

What I did learn is the test revealed that I apparently do live in my truth.

I’ve often tried to disguise what the Enneagram disclosed. Try not to be as “idealistic” or “too assertive”.  Yet, there it was…all my good attributes along with those that prove to be challenging for most.  What did I gain? I have come to accept that I am “opinionated.” I am “ethical.”  I am “assertive.” I am “ambitious.”  With all those “personality attributes,” I chose to live with intention.

 Don’t change to accommodate those who are uncomfortable.  It does explain why quarantine has been such a challenging season…I’m a doer!

Being still has exposed a lot of and for me…thankful I’m teachable!

Here are some of the traits that describe me…

Personality Type – The Reformer #1Generally, Ones are conscientious, sensible, responsible, idealistic, ethical, serious, self-disciplined, orderly, and feel personally obligated to improve themselves and their world. Ones get into conflicts by being opinionated, impatient, irritable, rigid, perfectionistic, critical (and self-critical), sarcastic, and judgmental. At their best, Ones are tolerant, accepting, discerning, wise, humane, prudent, principled, fair, and able to delay rewards for a higher good.

Personality Type – The Challenger #8 – Generally, Eights are strong, assertive, resourceful, independent, determined, action-oriented, pragmatic, competitive, straight-talking, shrewd, and insistent. Eights get into conflicts by being blunt, willful, domineering, forceful, defiant, confrontational, bad-tempered, rageful, cynical, and vengeful. At their best, Eights are honorable, heroic, empowering, generous, gentle, constructive, initiating, decisive, and inspiring.

Personality Type – The Achiever #3 – Generally, Threes are effective, competent, adaptable, goal-oriented, ambitious, organized, diplomatic, charming, into performance, and image-conscious. Threes get into conflicts by being expedient, excessively driven, competitive, self-promoting, “appropriate” instead of sincere, boastful, and grandiose. At their best, Threes are inner-directed, authentic, modest, admirable, well-adjusted, gracious, interested in others, and self-accepting.

Let’s all live our best self whether the Enneagram tells you so!


We already know who we are, and these tests are just a reminder.

‘Til Tuesday


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2 responses to “1, 8, 3 – They Say…”

  1. Rita McGhee Avatar
    Rita McGhee

    I love all of who you are you help me to rise up higher👑You are inspirational

  2. Ninalou Avatar

    Thanks for reminding me that who I am is good I do hv flaws but I’m pliable, teachable n willing to be remolded n shape!

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