I thought I was done…

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Three years and over 100  blog posts, I thought I had written enough, said enough, encouraged enough, brought enough insight, and it was time to wrap my blog in a beautiful, pretty bow.

I didn’t believe that my weekly blogging had many legs left, and this was going to be my last post.


So as I was feeling that enough was enough, I was at peace but slightly sad at the prospect that my weekly musings had reached its designated audience.

And suddenly, I receive a text that literally shook me to my core…

“Girl, I just came across your postings on Soul of a Woman. WOW! They are so amazing! I honestly believe you have the gift of writing. There is a lovely flow in your writing- one which captives your readers with anticipation for your next blog. Great job!!! Don’t become discouraged-your blogs are very powerful! They serve as encouragement for women to analyze where they are in their life and make choices to improve themselves. Don’t second guess your ability to inspire women through your writing. You’re awesome!!!” –

 From my sister, Rachel!

As you may have guessed it, I just started to cry. As the youngest of seven, reading a text from your big sister validating your thoughts and writing is the ultimate approval.

So, with the extra shot of encouragement, I will continue to write, share, inspire, and celebrate with my readers. It made me think who in my life did I need to give a word of motivation and validation.

Stop and think who in your circle needs a word of encouragement. It may make the difference between them giving up or moving forward.

Thank you, Ray. I will forever count this as my writing re-birth!


Just when you think you have done enough…

God sends a tender nudge to let you know to keep going!

‘Til Tuesday


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7 responses to “I thought I was done…”

  1. Cordelia Avatar

    Annette, I agree with your sister Rachel. You do have a gift of writing. I alway look forward to reading your blogs. I may not comment often, but believe me they are blessing me in more ways than you would ever know. So, keep on using the gift that God has given you. He’s given it to you for many reasons, and He wants you to continue on using it to bless others. Luke 16:10-11

    Blessings to you!

    1. SOWE Avatar

      Thank you Cordelia, your words sincerely encourage me!
      Praying you are safe and healthy!

  2. Rita McGhee Avatar
    Rita McGhee

    Your blogs////your voice your heart give me life joy bright freshness don’t stop your shine.
    God will continue to let his light shine so bright on you for all you need to do so you can continue to hear his voice 🙏🏽

    1. SOWE Avatar

      Thank you Rita!!!! Love you. Stay safe and healthy!

  3. NO Rosario Avatar
    NO Rosario

    Love it!!!

  4. NInalou Risolio Avatar
    NInalou Risolio

    Thanks I needed to hear that! You are a blessing, look forward to your tuesday blogs, as your sister said, always encouraging and timely in what I need to hear!

    1. SOWE Avatar

      Thank you Ninalou! Stay safe and healthy!

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