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It was a challenge, but I did it…
I unplugged from EVERYTHING for seven whole days!
And by everything I mean, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Talk Radio (in my car) and TV!

Yup, even TV.

It was the most rewarding and freeing feeling I have experienced in a long time.
Think about it. Twitter feeds us our news. Facebook tells us what everyone is thinking. Instagram reminds us that our snapshots are not as exciting as everyone else’s images. LinkedIn let us know we are not competitive enough in our work. WordPress demands our written attention. Talk Radio feeds us all the unfortunate events that happen by the minute and TV replaces time with our families because we can’t miss that SHOW!

The amount of distractions and interruption they bring into our lives is OUTRAGEOUS. They take up space in our thoughts and conversation. We discuss the images, the news, instead of ourselves.

We discuss events that happen in other people’s lives instead of our own.

What I learned during my time off of Social Media and all these external influences that are not related to my life was the following:

Instead of posting a prompt on Social Media wishing someone a happy birthday …


I found time to do my Spring Cleaning
I began working out again – giving myself time, instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV
I finished reading a book and started reading two more…
Our family had conversations in the living room instead of the family room where the TV is usually on in the background

We actually had more time for each other!

I learned that I do not need Social Media, TV, Talk Radio to stay “present”. That being present, means just that, being present where you are right that moment!

Make the call, write the letter, work out, make dinner and sit together, sharing time about your day without posting a moment of it!
We have allowed the digital age to consume our lives and give us an identity that is not our own.

So I challenge each one of you reading this – Take seven days off of social media, digital media, talk radio, and TV. Shut it down and create your own memories, and moments without having the need to post any of it!

Shut down the noise and unplug, you will feel smarter, stronger and I promise you refreshed… and it’s only seven days…

I can’t wait to do it again…It may be even longer!


Don’t allow yourself to be held hostage by this Digital Age.  

Just be present!

“Til Tuesday


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