You are challenged!

It was a challenge, but I did it… I unplugged from EVERYTHING for seven whole days! And by everything I mean, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Talk Radio (in my car) and TV! Yup, even TV. It was the most rewarding and freeing feeling I have experienced in a long time. Think about it. Twitter … More You are challenged!

Keep your bras on!!!

It was bound to happen! We are in a sexual revolution of a different kind. We went from being liberated,  demanding equal pay, burning our bras to saying ENOUGH, NO MORE! We will keep our bras on, demand equal pay and you MUST keep your hands off of me. I have very strong opinions on … More Keep your bras on!!!

I married a Mexican American…and I don’t regret it!

Yup….and I didn’t think it was a big deal either… until I moved to Los Angeles, CA. Growing up in New York, the melting pot of diversity, I didn’t think twice about my husband’s ethnicity. He’s Latino, I’m Latina, we are a match!!! Not so fast sistah!   Firstly, I quickly learned not all Latinos … More I married a Mexican American…and I don’t regret it!