Keep your bras on!!!

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It was bound to happen!

We are in a sexual revolution of a different kind.
We went from being liberated,  demanding equal pay, burning our bras to saying ENOUGH, NO MORE!

We will keep our bras on, demand equal pay and you MUST keep your hands off of me.

I have very strong opinions on sexual assault and sexual harassment-
I believe our culture has reached a boiling point. In our sexual revolution, we have managed to allow men to manipulate and sexually use us in every aspect of our lives, thinking we have the power and the upper hand when in fact that was never the case. We have allowed music, movies, games, fashion, novels, advertisers, cartoons, corporate America to become desensitized to the sexualization of women. We have allowed men to believe that calling ourselves bitches, hoes, milfs is cute and acceptable! We have allowed our young boys to think that treating a young girl with disrespect is acceptable.

We have accepted sexting as foreplay and pornography as just another form of self-expression!

We have done this to each other, we have created a vulgar desensitized society. We have told each other it’s “boys being boys, it’s natural, it’s okay, it’s what they like, it’s none of my business. She might have been asking for it, he’s used to it.”

When does it stop, when do we say enough, no more, this is not acceptable, when do we create an alternative to sexual aggression, when do we start teaching self-control, when do we say respect trumps your needs.

I know when – when money is no longer the hidden agenda. When we start affecting people’s pocketbooks and the culture shifts to what is right.
When we stand up to ugliness, greed, and lust, we will start seeing real equal pay, real respect and we will then be able to take our bras off and no longer feel like prey…

So for now, put your bras back on, we will have a long road ahead.

The difference starts at home, how we treat each other. Think about it no one is exempt. Children learn by example, we learn from each other. 


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    So true!

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