What does your wife do??…Are you kidding me!!

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Hmmm, this question was asked not too long ago and quite frankly if a woman is not working outside of their home the world does not recognize their worth…

I’m incredibly busy….
I own and oversee two businesses.
I host an internet talk show once a week.
I write a blog once a week.
I manage our homes budget and maintenance
I am a mom of two sons. Both of which require my undivided attention.
I chauffeur my youngest son to school, piano lessons, lacrosse practice and his social events.
I try to prepare at least three home-cooked meals.
Keep a tidy house.
Do laundry and put it away (vital part and the biggest part of laundry) on the same day.
I try to work out 4-5 times a week. (Most weeks it’s 3 days a week)
I try and make all my medical appointments along with those of my family.
I make all the necessary appointments for my sons and husband.
I try and go out and socialize to not lose my mind.
I try to get as much sleep as my life will allow.
I try and read a book every two weeks (not always successful) but won’t give that up.
I try to give myself morning quiet time so that I can focus on all that’s on my day.
I get all this done all the while managing my emotions, thoughts, and conversations.

Yet you ask “What does your wife do?! – Are you kidding me…

This is some of what WE all do!!!

As you get older you realize there are some things you fight for and some things you let go.
We have too much going on to pick a fight on everything and everyone
We are ALL busy, so when you ask a woman what she does?
She RUNS the world!


Never question the worth of a Woman, it’s priceless-

‘Til Tuesday

2 responses to “What does your wife do??…Are you kidding me!!”

  1. Magda Avatar

    El trabajo no remunerado que hacemos las mujeres todos los días es la base nuestra estructura social.

    1. SOWE Avatar

      Yes it is!!!!!!

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