Saying I do…..

I said yes.  I moved across the country, and I gave up my identity.  I became a wife, his partner.  I became the homemaker, housekeeper (well not for long), I became the accountant and soon after I became the mother of his children. During the past 24 years, I juggled my identity, our lives, the... Continue Reading →

Dream, dream so big it kinda scares you a bit!

I’ve always been a dreamer. I’ve always had a vivid imagination of life, especially my life. Growing up in the Bronx housing projects you kinda have to be creative with your mind, and with what the future can be. I desired beautiful things. A secure marriage, healthy children, and a voice! A voice that would... Continue Reading →

The casualness of life…is getting too sloppy …

My parents were slightly confused, they were traveling to Puerto Rico from NYC, the flight attendant approached them and ask to see their boarding passes, "Mr. & Mrs. Ortiz, please follow me".  They thought they were in the correct seats. It was right there written clearly on their boarding passes. As they followed the flight attendant... Continue Reading →

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