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We are surrounded by so much noise that we forget what the sound of silence feels like!

As this season of busyness approaches it’s important to take a moment, day, whatever you can spare and center yourself.

The holidays can be emotionally and physically draining.  Filled with exhilaration or unimaginable sadness for others.

Be present for all of it…and you can only do that if you are still!

No music, radio, internet, texting, emails, phone calls. Just pure silence and stillness. 

Take in your surroundings.  You might look around and be thankful for all that you have or you may look around and be discouraged over your current circumstances.

In all of it just be still.

Find time to pray for guidance and purpose as you walk into a new year, a new decade.

Make your lists of goals for the next months, year! 

Give yourself permission to be quiet and listen to the silence.

Simply be still.

Allow yourself to sit in stillness and reflect on all this year has brought you, what you have walked through, the ups and downs, the unexpected moments.

Give yourself time to take it in and release those things you no longer want to embrace.

In your stillness, you will hear the quiet voice of God. I promise.  I know. I have.


Don’t run from the silence that can heal you.  Be still and know.

‘Til Tuesday

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  1. norosario Avatar

    Great reminder!

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