Set three goals…

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I challenge you!!!

Set three goals for the next year!

One that is attainable

One that requires a bit of work

One that is so out of your reach will take a miracle!!!

I challenge everyone to put their faith to the test and see what GOD can do through you!

I love writing goals for the year.

I break them up into three months, six months, nine-month and twelve-month goals.

I write them in succession of what I want to see happen for myself, my marriage, my family and, our businesses.

It allows me to see us moving forward and, if we aren’t meeting our goals and moving forward, I can quickly assess why?

Take the challenge…

Write down your dreams, desires, goals, and, ambitions.  Be prepared to open doors that you may have never imagined you’d walk through and sit at tables where you thought you didn’t have a seat!

Lay down what didn’t work for you this year and walk away from the disappointment that may want to take a seat in your heart, mind and, soul. Share your goals with someone you trust.  Someone that will encourage and keep you accountable.

Be prepared to leap forward.

Fall upward and take the Challenge! 


Write down your goals and then leave room for God!

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