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During the summer months, I decided to join my husband on location, and when things abruptly wrapped up (did I mention there is a strike going on?), we decided to extend our time away and drive up the East Coast and across the Country. But that recap will be for another blog. I want to share with you the importance of honoring the people you meet along the way.

I spent two months in Atlanta, GA. As you can imagine, I needed to find a hairstylist and manicurist to maintain myself so as to not walk around looking crazy. Thankfully, I connected with a fabulous hairstylist who remembered me from the last time I was there for a few months, and I also found a. brilliant nail technician. I was also able to connect with friends that I consider family, aka “framily.”

This time was priceless and refreshing.

I enjoyed long walks, museum visits, and fabulous dinners out, but what struck me the most were the conversations I had with those I love and those I met, who I grew to love.

I am always amazed and struck by the “God” orchestrated moments that can only be known as simply “God Whispers.” These folks don’t know me, they have never met me, or if they do know me, they do not know my thoughts.

The lesson and takeaway for me is to not discard chance encounters. Especially if you know you may never see those folks again.

Pay attention!

The people you meet along the way will remember how you made them feel. They will remember your fragrance and I do not mean “perfume.”

Each encounter, conversation, and person I met left something behind; they planted a seed in me. They spoke life in me. They raised me up. I was blown away by the care in which they addressed me. One even said, “Do you know how special you are?” Those words brought me to tears.

I learned that everyone has something to say, but how they say it and why they say it matters. Intention and motive differ, but the impact is equally great.

I intend to take what I gleaned over these past several months and apply it to my life and look and listen to the people I met and will meet along the way.

I hope you do the same…

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