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In October 2022, I was assigned that 2023 would be the “Year of the New Seasons.”

Now you might be telling yourself there are always new seasons…duh…

Winter/spring/summer/fall…we all participate in “new” seasons. But, as I know all too well when I am prompted with a yearly theme, it is never as literally “read.”

My New Season came in like a “wrecking ball” cue – Miley Cyrus.

So here I am, slightly past half the year, and I am walking and have walked in an incredibly new season for myself. As I write this blog, we are currently in a “writers’ strike” and an “actors’ strike”…that is a commentary for another day.

New seasons require bravery and giving up total control, and I struggle with both! So as you can see, this is not any type of heroic or confident pronouncement!

With great trepidation, I will step into what so many have seen in me and spoken over me and into me, and that requires faith… alawalking on water.

Hmmm… it might be the title of my next book (wink, wink).

As I walk into the next few months of the rest of the year, I commit to resuming my blog writing. I have so much I want to share that it will require a bi-weekly post. I have a lot I want to impart and share so that others may grow, feel led, encouraged, and, at times, entertained. There will be many updates on my latest book, upcoming events, and conversations that I had during the summer months that have definitely changed me…for the better,

So yes, I am excited but also vulnerable.

Come alongside me in this new season, and let’s walk together.

Til Tuesday

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