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The past few weeks I have sat in several conversations where someone said, “I need to let it go” or “I’m letting it go”… it struck me that there is a marked difference in these words along with their actions and all I kept thinking was “save yourself.”

“Letting go,” is a slow and sometimes painful process of releasing a person, an experience, a conversation, a Facebook friend (yep that is a real situation), a dream, a child, a job that we thought we couldn’t live without.

In the process of letting go, there are tears, mourning, laughter, joy and a sense of relief waiting for us on the other side (we just have to get there).

I learned that once you start letting go, you begin to place things that were out of order in their rightful place and you begin to create space and understanding for what is supposed to be in your life. Letting go is an exercise of obedience, and in it, we find our growth, our peace, our new day. We begin to see and experience change.

It is a mental, emotional and physical exercise of our will.

When you “let it go,” it’s an immediate reaction to a situation that may be un-beneficial, hurtful and unfruitful. It may be an argument that you know will not benefit either party. It may be a relationship that is toxic, and it requires immediate termination.

When you let it go…it’s done. You drop it, and it’s over.

Whether you need to “let it go” and are “letting it go” you must face the fact that you are “saving yourself” from what was never a win and you begin to open up to the possibilities to all the victories in your life.

Mourn the loss and rejoice in the new beginnings, in the adventures that you are now ready to experience.  


When you Save Yourself, you release the power someone else can hold over you.  I never said it was easy, but it is the most freeing experience.  

Your burden will feel light.

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2 responses to “Save Yourself”

  1. norosario Avatar

    This. A wonderful reminder of what waits on the other side when we are committed to walk through the letting it go process! I’m learning that I’m not the person I thought I was and I like what I’m finding out about myself 🙂 Thank you for this timely reminder.

  2. NInalou Risolio Avatar
    NInalou Risolio

    Thanks! Good word, been there and you are so right.

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