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the state of being an accomplice; partnership or involvement in wrongdoing: complicity in a crime.

This blog became bigger than me than my opinions, experiences or conversations.  I was going through a personal experience realizing that I would be complicit in the neglect of someone I love if I did not speak up.

Hence, this blog was born.

Little did I know it would evolve into one of the most poignant and thought-provoking blogs for me personally.   

This week I was stunned with several news pieces that aired on all media platforms.
The beating of a girlfriend, the dog that died in flight and the family that died in their van.

When I came across these news pieces, my heart was shattered!

You see everyone on that flight, United Airlines, or at least the passengers sitting in the vicinity of the dog carrier, heard the dog barking and whimpering as it was being stowed away in the overhead compartment! No one had enough courage to stand up and say this is harmful to this animal! No one wanted to inconvenience their convenience and run the risk of delaying the flight or even getting asked to get off the flight (which happens when you speak up and confront the flight attendants). Everyone was focused on their own personal agendas. All at the risk of the untimely death of a puppy and the broken hearts of the family …

they were all complicit…

The beating of the young girl in the stairwell angered me. Women are often so afraid of standing up for themselves, that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. The video was disturbing and humiliating. As I watched it, I thought who told her this was ok? Who told her to walk by his side instead of walking away? Why couldn’t someone report this crime that was videotaped two years ago but somehow made it to social media feeding frenzy…now!?

 Who were they protecting …who was complicit?

The family living in their van are not the first family to do so.  It is actually much more common than we care to accept.  It became a horror story because of the 7-month-old and the two-year-old, that lost their lives alongside their parents.   Shelters have become a haven for abuse, fighting and are unsafe and unsanitary for most families with children.  They’d rather stay together and live in their car than run the risk of being in harm’s way.  Yet, we turn away from the issue of the working poor. We look away because it is just not our problem.

Instead of asking someone when we see them do you need help, we become complicit in their suffering by not noticing them…

This week I woke up to the reality that the minute I decide to walk away from something that I know to be wrong I am complicit in its outcome.
I realized that we often do not want to get involved because it will cost us something. A relationship, time, and resources.
It is regrettable to come to the realization that our society is teaching generations not to get involved, don’t rock the boat, it’s not your problem. They’ll figure it out.
How about if we teach our generation that because of our lack of empathy, compassion and proactive engagement someone suffers, and more tragically they die.

We must notice those around us…

 I began to write this blog on Friday. On Saturday during my quiet time, I read a scripture that confirmed what my soul was feeling, and on Sunday I heard a sermon that solidified my heart’s cry.

I am aware there are circumstances that are way beyond our control and often situations that require a different solution.

Yet, I am convinced that if we slowed down enough to look around us and within us, we know someone who needs a hand up, an advocate, a slight nudge to help them stand up, speak up and move forward.


Let’s stop living in our silos and look outside of ourselves – someone needs your help! Look around – someone is waiting for you to notice them.

Romans 15
“Strength is for service, not status. Each of us needs to look after the good of the people around us, asking ourselves, “How can I Help?”

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