“Someone is praying… for what you take for granted”

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I came across this quote, and it straightened me out right quick!

“Someone is praying for what you take for granted” –

I was that someone praying for a miracle. There was a time in my life that I didn’t have enough money to take the subway to go to work. I didn’t have enough money to buy milk. There was a time that every dinner was a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (which I still love today)
There was a time I would have to put my clothes on layaway and pay $20 for each pay period before I could take them home and enjoy them. There was a time I slept on a pullout couch in a basement next to the boiler room. There was a time when the shower only offered cold water.

Think about it!

There is someone right now
Praying for water
Praying for electricity
Praying for a warm bed
Praying for a simple home-cooked meal
Praying for a home
Praying for a pair of socks
Praying for a blanket
Praying for shoes
Praying for clean clothes to wear for an interview
Praying for a job
Praying for a friend
Praying for a child
Praying for a spouse
Praying for enough money to make ends meet
Praying for a good health report

The list goes on and on…

We often sit and complain about our current situation as if it were the worst, yet it is someone else’s deepest desire.

I am guilty of this. I find myself thinking of what it could be, forgetting where I was and quickly recognizing how I now have much more than I ever dreamed for myself.

Take a moment to slow down and look at what you have and simply give thanks.

Earnestly give thanks.
Give thanks when things don’t go your way
Give thanks when disappointments come
Give thanks when you bathe in warm water
Give thanks when you turn on the lights
Give thanks for your friends
Give thanks for your home
Give thanks for your children
Give thanks for your spouse
Give thanks for your clothes
Give thanks for your shoes
Give thanks for the warm bed
Give thanks for your blankets
Give thanks for that simple home-cooked meal
Give thanks for the money you do have to make it through one more day
Give thanks for your health


Take a moment and JUST GIVE THANKS!

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