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Don’t you just hate it while you are driving along on the freeway/highways, someone cuts you off or gets in front of you and decides to slow down or is behind you and is tailgating you.  You just want to shout “Stay in your lane.”

I love that at 51 years young I am still learning lessons, this is one of them

“Stay in your lane.”

My son Paul went away on his 9th-grade river trip with his Freshman Class. During those four days that he would be gone, I decided  I would unplug from all the “extra” noise that we allow in our lives. No news, Facebook, conversations, television playing in the background.  Just sitting still, listening to the silence! Reading, praying, meditating and writing. As I indulged in the silence, it was just that, complete stillness and other days there were moments that I clearly knew that God was present. As the four days came to a close, I began to understand that all my dreams and aspirations are mine and only mine. I needed to continue to stay in my lane. It’s on my road that I will meet the folks that are supposed to be in my life. I realized that each time I have tried to change lanes or desired to jump in on someone else’s lane, I lost myself, got frustrated and lost my focus. I realized that I have the tools and the gifts in my hands and that I must not question my worth, which honestly I have been struggling a lot with these past few months. My lane may be slow and steady and some days fast and unpredictable, but it’s my lane. Sometimes you have to merge on to someone else’s lane only to quickly move over to your own lane when you realize they are not going where you are going.

Every day you get up and pick up your dreams, hopes, gifts, and talents get in your lane.  Don’t get discouraged or disappointed in the timeline- I learned that these past few days – time is nothing to God.

This I am still coming to understand and slowly accept. 

Are you still dreaming? Don’t give up!
Just stay in your lane! Do the work!

If you get cut off while in your lane, stay the course, those folks will quickly move out of the way, because they soon realize they are not going where you are going, and some are just passing through. 

Stay steady!

‘Til Tuesday

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