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Join me this month of Thanksgiving as I have engaging and thought-provoking conversations. I start off by reading a blog I wrote in November 2017! And it still rings true. We often take for granted what someone is praying for!!! I share how we need to give thanks. My following conversation is with Conservative Pundit Elisha Krauss. Many of my followers and listeners may disagree with her political and ideological views. Still, I found it informative how the Media and Politics drive the narrative of how we vote. Next, Robert and I sat down to answer some interesting questions submitted by our listeners. We tried our best to honestly answer them all. As we say in our closing, we are not experts in anything other than our experience in marriage. And finally, I will take a break for the last two episodes to enjoy the month of Thanksgiving.

There are a lot of challenges going on all around us. I hope you all find time to sit still and give thanks for the moment you are in, and if it is not your best moment, hold on, for this too shall pass; if it is your best moment, simply give thanks and pay it forward.

Catch me next month with new episodes on Conversations from the Green Couch Podcast!

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