November Podcasts

Join me this month of Thanksgiving as I have engaging and thought-provoking conversations. I start off by reading a blog I wrote in November 2017! And it still rings true. We often take for granted what someone is praying for!!! I share how we need to give thanks. My following conversation is with Conservative Pundit … More November Podcasts

October Podcasts

I am excited to share the upcoming podcasts for October! Firstly, I want to thank all the listeners who have joined me in this endeavor. It is a wonderful platform to share my life stories, hacks, and experiences. If you have not caught up on the podcasts, just go wherever you listen to your podcasts … More October Podcasts

Breaking News!!!

I am back! Starting today! I return with the second season of “Conversations from the Green Couch Podcast!” Simply tap on the link and listen in on any and all platforms where you listen to your podcasts! I am excited about this season. I am doing something different, and I hope you join me … More Breaking News!!!

What I listen to…

Lately, I have been listening to several podcasts during my long walks. It makes the time go by faster, and I get to catch up on some of the current events, get updated on pop culture, and learn a few new things about finances and relationships, hoping that something sticks. It made me think – … More What I listen to…