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I am back!

Starting today!

I return with the second season of “Conversations from the Green Couch Podcast!”

Simply tap on the link and listen in on any and all platforms where you listen to your podcasts!

I am excited about this season.

I am doing something different, and I hope you join me on this journey. I have chosen to share the backstory of the blogs I have written over the years. Once a month, you will hear me read a blog and tell you what led up to the writing of that blog – basically the behind-the-scenes or the actual story. I will NOT disclose names, but I will explain the circumstances.

So many folks ask me, “what was that all about?”

So this is my opportunity to share with my readers/followers/subscribers what “that was all about.”

You will also listen to great conversations with new and exciting guests each week!

For the month of September –

Tuesday, September 6 – Why am I back? – w/ Annette Ortiz Mata

Tuesday, September 13 – Dos and Donts of Arguing in Marriage – w/Robert and Annette Mata

Tuesday, September 20 – Hollywoods Top Ten Producer – w/ Devon Franklin – Producer, Author, Speaker

Tuesday, September 27 – Marketing Guru -w/ Tionna Cunningham

Join me every Tuesday on “Conversations from the Green Couch – Podcast – you don’t want to miss it!

Let's have a conversation…

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