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And I say that with a bit of sarcasm.

I am taking a significant break from all Social Media platforms to focus on a writing project. 

I need my “own” undivided attention.

I know that I run the risk of “FOMO” – LOL

I know that I run the risk of simply not remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and events.

I know that I run the risk of missing out on major announcements.

I will take the next six months to write, reflect, and live undistracted.

Simply turn down the external noise.

I have learned that Social Media can be a bad thing masked in a good cover.

Be mindful of how you live your life on these platforms.  

Leave a beautiful fragrance and learn to live your life undistracted.

Catch you later.

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  1. Foleo Avatar

    Your post is one of the finest I found on WordPress…… loved it 😊😊😊 please also check my page …. hope you all like it❤💙💚

  2. Avatar

    I love u your just so beautiful and brilliant

  3. ninalou Avatar

    Beautifully stated! Blessings on your writing ✍️ project🙏🏼

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