What’s your life fragrance?

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Fragrance is a sweet or delicate odor (as of fresh flowers, pine trees, or perfume) and aroma.

So what’s your fragrance?

What lingers when you leave the room?

How will you be remembered in a world where our last thoughts are memorialized on Twitter, the perfect snapshot uploaded on Instagram, our latest message promoted on TikTok, and our rants judged on Facebook?

What fragrance will you leave behind?

I remember sitting on my couch one day, and my mom’s perfume filled the room! It was uncanny. I literally stood up and looked around. It is as if she had walked through the room. The fragrance she left behind was memorable. It brought tears and a smile. My mom had passed away a year prior, but her perfume, her scent, was tangible.

Her life fragrance was indelible…

I have experienced the unexpected loss of dear friends that have left me thinking about their fragrance.

One was kind, another funny, and another life-changing. Each one has left an imprint that will forever stay in my psyche, and when I take a deep breath, their life fragrance is memorable.

As you navigate this life, what fragrance do you leave behind?

If today should be your last day on earth, what would your social media footprint smell like?

When you leave a room, what is the last impression you leave that will be a reminder of your fragrance?

Let us learn to live life with the intention and motivation to leave someone better, hope-filled, and at peace.

Remember, the impression you leave comes with a fragrance…

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