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Time: – (n) the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole

Time is an interesting concept.

I have been around long enough to remember when “time” was only a keeper of wrongs.  When I refused to let things go because I was hurt, angry, or simply disappointed…but TIME.

Time has allowed me to grow. Time has allowed me to slow down and reconsider. It has given me permission to change. It has given me permission to forgive.

Have you ever thought to yourself, there is no way I would ever forgive that, restore a relationship, or revisit that location?

Give it time…

I have learned that if you don’t forgive; if you don’t restore the relationship; if you don’t revisit the location, you may miss out on the greatest blessing of your life. To live with the freedom of knowing that you are no longer tied to that memory (time past) that was painful, regretful, or disappointing.

Sometimes we have to go to the place of regret, pain, or disappointment to be capable of receiving the goodness that is on the other side of that release.

The beauty of time allows us to release those misconceptions, and it gives us room to change, to grow.

Time is for you… 

There are no set rules that you must stay hurt, disappointed, or angry.

Those rules leave you bitter and alone. Don’t let time keep a record of wrongs.

Let time keep a record of your redemption, your forgiveness, your restoration, and your wholeness.

Keep the best record…of time…leave the worst behind!

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