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“The eyes are the windows to your soul.” – William Shakespeare

I don’t think that William Shakespeare had any idea how true this statement would become in 2020!

For the past two years! Yes!!! Two years!!! The ENTIRE world has been asked to wear masks to slow down the transmission of a virus transmissible via spit particles. If we all tried this, it was a unilateral belief that things would get better- yet here we are.

We have all invested in this hope, and when we did, we have had to look into people’s eyes much more intentionally.

We have learned to read a smile through our eyes. Recognize sorrow, fear, and pain all through our eyes.

We no longer needed to read anyone’s mind, nor could we read someone’s lips.

It was all spelled out through their eyes. 

So as William Shakespeare so eloquently stated, “the eyes are the windows of our soul” – it’s where every emotion lives, thrives, ruminates, grows, and dies. 

If we learned anything during this unprecedented time of being masked, our parents were right; when speaking to someone, look at them, but more importantly, look into their eyes.

You will learn a lot more about them through their gaze than from their words.

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