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This blog is a declaration!

We must stop saying that women can have it all.  I have never been more disappointed by any statement in my life.  If we choose to be a wife, mother, professional, etc., having it all comes at a price.

It is my personal experience that to manage it all, to have it all, you CAN NOT do it alone; you actually need to recruit the help of OTHER Women –

If you work outside of the home, you need a babysitter.  If you work in the home, you need to balance your time with managing the house, kids, and husband.  When you go to work outside of your home, you don’t stop being a mom, and when you are a homemaker, you don’t stop working.  Our jobs are not interchangeable; they are simultaneous, so having it all comes at a HIGH COST!

Women can experience it all but at different times…We have decided that the banner of wearing ourselves thin proves to our daughters that we are badass bosses.


It demonstrates that we are tired, irritable, and simply overextended.  If we decide that our careers are meaningful, that’s okay; that’s the season we choose to be in but know that parenting, mothering, being a wife doesn’t stop; it works in tandem with those decisions.

The irony of this statement is men get to have it all; All simultaneously.

Yet, women have to figure out how to manage their lives, their husbands’ lives, and the lives of their children.

So…if you take on the mantel of “women can have it all,” I suggest you sit down, no, lay down, and release the fallacy of that statement because if not, you will collapse.

Enjoy the different seasons of your life.  Gather up your tribe to assist you in moving forward in your dreams.  Ask for help when you need it and simply stop when you have to…that is how we as women get to have it all.

It simply takes a village…


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