Recovering from Recovery

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Have you ever said I need a vacation from my vacation? We load up vacations with every imaginable activity trying to create memories for ourselves and our families, and when we return to our routine, we are simply exhausted! What was the point of the vacation-

Well, I find myself saying…I’m recovering from my recovery.

I spent ten months trying to find my footing. Trying to find answers to the unanswerable. Trying to make sense from the incomprehensible; Ten months regaining strength in my physical body. 

I was exhausted by the time I was done with all that was swirling around me. I wanted my recovery to be DONE!!!

And then it hit me, I can’t force my recovery. I have to simply let it happen. I have to allow my heart, mind, body, and soul, yes, my soul recover the way it is supposed to.

Sometimes in our recovery, we just need to rest. We need to tear down meeting the expected markers that circle around in our head! “I should be good by now” I should be over it by now? I should be strong by now!

My forced recovery had me exhausted, and I found myself simply recovering from the healing that I was trying so desperately to rush through.

When you find yourself in these types of circumstances, simply be still.

Stop trying to move the recovery along; it may set you back.

You may have to start all over again due to some type of re-injury.

When the doctor says rest…rest.

When the physical therapist says exercise…exercise.

When the nutritionist says to drink more water…drink more water.

When the therapist says simply write it down…write it down


when all is said and done, allow yourself to sit with your recovery outcome.

It might not look quite the way you expected, it might not feel the way you wanted, but you are healing comes with the acknowledgment of having done the work.

Afterward, simply rest. You deserve it!


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