Digital Fatigue…

Several days ago I was asked to join some girlfriends on Zoom to “just talk” and I took a hard pass.

I thought I’d never say this, but I am officially experiencing digital fatigue.

Everything that I must access is currently found on the Information Highway otherwise known as the Internet.

Internet use to be a luxury. A past time. A place where you occasionally shopped, purchased airline tickets, and checked the “other” news, and stayed current with your social media platforms.

Now…now…it’s where you go to church, go to school, go to work, talk with your friends, visit your doctor, view concerts, watch a feature film, and are obligated to shop and sort through what is fake news and actual facts!

Unfortunately, we are living in a time where physical interaction has been sacrificed due to circumstances beyond our control, and we have had to create a false narrative of relationships.

How are we going to acclimate to human touch? To human interaction? Are we going to be so conditioned that we no longer need physical interaction? Are we going to be so comfortable in our cocoons that the idea of re-engagement may no longer serve our interest? What is our society going to look like after all this is said and done?

I have tried to stay connected as responsibly as I can. But currently, the “digital fatigue” is real, and I may need a break come 2021.

Don’t let the keyboard be your voice and the computer be your eyes. Responsibly seek human connection. We all need it to survive!


We may think what we can live without is often what we desperately need.

We need each other!

‘Til Tuesday


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2 thoughts on “Digital Fatigue…

  1. Thank you for speaking truth!!! I miss being around and touching the people I love !!! I’m so over TV and social media and the internet’. I’m cool with simple living I just want to do it with the people I love. I am still hopeful that this world will be better and that humans will be mindful and kind to one another. My Trust is in the lord 🙏🏽

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