I am no longer asking for permission…

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All my life, I’ve made measured decisions.

Is this a good idea?  Will it be disrespectful?  Will I hurt someone’s feelings?  Will I be judged? Will they stop being my friend?  Am I talented enough? Will I be pretty enough?  Will I be smart enough?  Will I be respected?  Will they accept me?

As I’ve grown into my true self, I have come to the horrific realization that I have lived my life seeking permission and approval of everyone around me accept myself.  I have lived with the hope that I am doing the right thing according to the “them”!

Well, I am here to tell you that with kindness, I am no longer doing that!

 I am no longer seeking to be “approved” by those around me.  The role of a woman as a quiet nurturer and caregiver needs to shift, and we have to stop labeling each other.

In this unbelievable culture of disrespect to the role of the woman, we must stop and ask ourselves, are we doing this to each other.  Are we looking at each other judging each other because “we didn’t ask permission” to be a certain way?

That is nonsense, we must rise up to the voice, brilliance, and strength that we were given when we were created.

Yes, there are shy women, quiet women, but by no means are they weak women. Don’t mistake their shyness for weakness, and don’t mistake my boldness for anger.

We each bring a powerful voice to the table.  We each bring a brilliant thought to the conversation.

Sometimes the difference we judge in each other is the desire we have to be that way but are too afraid.

Give yourself permission to be who God intended you to be!


Stop asking for permission…

you’ve already entered the room the minute you were born!  

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