Coincidence…I think not!

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Coincidence – the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection. (Merriam-Webster)

Have you ever thought and said to yourself, wow, that’s such a funny coincidence? Oh my goodness, how crazy is that? Or that can’t be possible? What are the chances? All comments that connect to what we believe are coincidences, serendipity, or synchronicity.



I am convinced all moments that collide that have some kind of connection are moments quietly orchestrated by God!!!!

He knows who, what, where, and why?

He knows what we need when we need it,  how we need it, and why we need it!

Not too soon and never too late.

In our human nature, we rush the process of the experiences butchering the outcome, ruining relationships and damaging ourselves along the way because we refuse to wait.

In the waiting, which is the season I am right now, comes the revelation.

A few days ago I was feeling sorry for myself, yup, I sure was. With all the beauty that surrounds me, there I was in a pool of self-pity. I decided to go for a walk and listen to a podcast on waiting. It was encouraging and devastating.

No one likes to wait!!!

As I continued in my self-pity party a package was delivered that I was expecting a few weeks prior, but it was delayed. It arrived on the same day as my 1) self-pity party and 2) my “waiting” podcast. I had no idea what was inside. I knew who it was from but not the contents. As I opened it, it literally shook me to my core. Just a few minutes prior I was feeling a certain way and here right in front of me was a gift from a dear friend that spoke directly to my state of mind and heart. It pierced right through everything that was breaking me down.

I cried…no, I wept. 

Coincidence…I think not! It was a GOD orchestrated moment.  I felt the pain of helplessness and in an instant, I felt the soothing balm of comfort that only comes from a God orchestrated moment!!! 

I challenge you to reflect on moments where you thought- oh what a coincidence that was. Sit still enough to process the outcome of that experience- there are no accidents in God’s weaving of our lives. 

So, I will continue to wait. I will continue to listen for God’s whispers and I will continue to be in awe of God’s orchestrated moments. 

It’s the best way to live…living with purpose.

What, where and how have you seen God orchestrate a moment in your life?


Don’t ignore the details of your life. In them, you will find God’s orchestration and his whispers.

‘Til Tuesday


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3 responses to “Coincidence…I think not!”

  1. Rita McGhee Avatar
    Rita McGhee

    Wow so powerful!!

  2. Ninalou Avatar

    THANK YOU like u shared right word, right time and all in God’s plan, always orchestrated for our good and His purpose! I’m so blessed by your blog thank you, again 💞

    1. SOWE Avatar

      Thank you for reading it and always encouraging me.

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