Just when you think no one is watching…they are.

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She placed my life in perspective with these words.

“…I beg to differ It might not have been a strong year in the ways you may have hoped for it to be strong, but you and Tio damn sure have become stronger. You chose to walk in forgiveness with a family that treated you terribly for years and years. That’s strong. You lost your father-in-law, and by the strength of God you pulled together a powerful service in his honor and held your husband together. The fight with you and Little Robert. That took a hell of a lot of strength to get through. And then having to have to figure out living life loving him but keeping serious boundaries to love him well. You started school and received clear direction from the Lord on letting go of Table for 5. That’s going to take some serious strength because that was a major part of your life. Choosing to pack up and go to a foreign country to be with your husband…. hella strength because that’s a long ass flight. And in the midst of all of that dealing with a mass shooting right by you, devastating fires, & then making a choice to help others and give of yourself, your time, and resources. From the outside looking in Titi… That’s a damn strong year. Some of it your very own and a lot of it, I’m sure, the Holy Spirit. No better strength than that!!! In case you didn’t know.. I could not be more proud of you. I’m honored to call you Titi!”

In one quick text, she put my life into clear perspective.  What I considered to be a “not so strong” year was more than my own preconceived notions.  It was strong in ways that I could not utter because it required me to get up each time that I had fallen down.  I immediately understood what living life out loud meant.  

What showing and sharing your vulnerability meant and how it is truly a strength and not a weakness.

 These words crumbled me in a good way.  You see, all along someone was watching how I was walking through what I thought was my “not so strong year.”  Someone noticed and chose to differ. And for that, I am grateful and humbled.


Remember, someone is watching and learning. Be strong.

“Til Tuesday

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  1. Rachel Solow Avatar
    Rachel Solow

    💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #SometimesWeAllNeedAnAlternatePerspective

  2. NInalou Risolio Avatar
    NInalou Risolio

    Wow!!! I needed that this week soooo much, kinda of had a year like that not understannding and never thought to give it the presective that you were given. Last week was another blow my Uncle Wayne had a stroke unexpected, August 1 he had his arteries flushed, they feel that a piece of plaques proably came loss and caused the stroke, my heart is crushed, but know to Live is Christ and to die is gain, and that no matter the out come Jesus has him, as you know it still is hard walking though, Love your heart and the blessing you have been to so many people! A quote by Confucius “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but rising every time we fall.” even the the Bible gives us the same encouragement Proverbs 24:16, it is in the rising up in the midst of all it. I know I couldn’t do it with out Jesus and amazing people like you that help me keep on going. God’s con’t hand upon you and I send love and Blessings for a very Merry Christmas. xo

    1. SOWE Avatar

      Thank you Ninalou….you are loved!

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