Have you made your list? Have you checked it twice?

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If you follow my blog, you know that I am a list maker.

I make a list for the day, the week, the month, the year.  I go over it each day and check off my daily, monthly, and if I’m so lucky my yearly accomplishments.

I challenge you to create a list of goals.  Write them without limitations and fear.  Write them out with confidence, no matter how outrageous.  Make some reachable for small wins.  Make some that seem unreachable these goals make us work harder and give us the greatest satisfaction.

Trust your heart in 2019.  Love the unlovely.  Make new friends. And it’s also okay to let some friends go.  Learn something new.  Make time to volunteer.  Enrich your spirit with God.

Many and most of these give us the most peace.  Life can be challenging, and sometimes we need to create and make intentional choices to live life out loud, be vulnerable, and be teachable.  Share your failures and your lessons.  Share your hurts and your joys.  Share your time.  And just listen.

2019 is my Year of Miracles.  I don’t know what that means nor what it’s going to look like.  I just know that in my heart I will grow and it will expand my mind and soul.

I want to say Thank you to all my followers and those that occasionally pop in to read what lives in my heart that’s written in my blog.

Merriest of Christmas and a very Blessed New Year!

‘Til Tuesday in January of 2019

-Annette Ortiz Mata

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