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These past few weeks I have reflected deeply on one simple theme –

Am I living ready?  

It seems we live ready for the next job, the next relationship, the next opportunity to seize the moment.  We want to take on the world, become the next big star, influencer, motivator.  We live ready to turn someone’s world upside down and


But how are we doing those things?  At what cost?  Are we living present?  Are we nurturing our spirit?  Are we invested in where we will go when we leave this earth?  Do we care? What consumes our thoughts?

 In all of the memorial services, I viewed and witnessed and participated in, there was one common thread.

They served others, loved people, and honored God.  

It seems to me that in a culture of “meism” and “selfies” and chasing after the “next big thing,” we have overlooked the most important part of our existence and that is our souls!  Are our souls ready? When you pass away, will you leave behind a beautiful memory and a fragrance of your time on earth? Will the seeds that you planted in your time here on earth bear fruit that is eternal?

I’ve come across some “influencers”  that are consumed with “flipping” everyone off and consuming their pages with what they will do for themselves.  It makes for a stale existence.  

Are we living ready? Are you living in peace?  Are you living with the confidence that no matter what life may throw your way you are “living ready” to walk through the valley?

Ask yourselves these questions?  Has someone stolen your joy, peace, and laughter, and you are not living ready? Are you consumed with day to day responsibilities?  Living ready is more than monetary gain and chasing after the wind.

It’s living with the knowledge that you know where your soul will find it’s ultimate resting place.

Think about it…


It takes someone to pass away to reflect on what will be said of me when I leave this earth.  Am I living ready?  Are you living ready?

If you want to know how to live ready, ask me how.


-Annette Ortiz Mata

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  1. NInalou Risolio Avatar
    NInalou Risolio

    Thank you for the confirmation, the Lord has been laying the same issue on my heart and I needed the encourgement! Praying for a spiritual awakening over America. Have a blessed week.

    1. SOWE Avatar

      Your so welcome- may your day be filled with the acknowledgment that you are living ready.

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