It’s the half-way point, how are you doing?

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As I assess these past six months,

I realized I need to reassess my goals, my dreams, my desires.

With the shift of the winds in our lives it obligates us to shift our goals, our relationships, our thoughts.

Often we placed things in stone that isn’t supposed to be set in stone, and we experience frustration and disappointment to the point of despair.

I’m there.

So these next six months there will be a shift.  A re-organization of my emotional, physical and mental inventory.

I will accept change. Release disappointment and embrace the unexpected.

The greatest rewards come when we release what we believed was the onlyway to live!

So as you move into the rest of this year. Reassess your goals. Organize your thoughts and leave room for the unexpected. 

It’s in those moments when miracles happen, joy clouds sadness and blessings removes burdens!

What are you hoping for that you need to reassess?  Allow the shift, your hope may still be fulfilled.


Allow yourself to be teachable, flexible and accept the shift.

‘Til Tuesday

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