Walking on Water…

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How many times have you felt you are walking on water?  How many times have you felt, it will take a miracle?  How many times have you said this is an impossibility?

I can honestly say I have said it more than a hundred times.  I have had to walk on water more times than I can imagine.  When your bank account does not add up to your financial responsibilities.  When your baby boy is born two months too early.  When your husband tells you, he lost his job.  When you are diagnosed with an illness that is a death sentence. When your child is hurt by a stranger.  When an acquaintance betrays you and robs you of more than your time, but money.  When a friend betrays your confidence.  When someone you thought you could trust proves to be untrustworthy.  When you sell your home, without having another house to move into. When cancer comes knocking at your door more than once.

When you have to believe… for what you can’t see.

Yes… I have had to walk on water way too many times.  And I am here again.  Trusting, believing, forgiving, seeking, praying, and giving.  It’s not easy.  Actually, it’s devasting, it’s frightening.  It’s downright horrific. But life brings us to the place where we have to believe, trust, forgive, seek, pray, give, and walk, walk on water.  Not looking down, not turning around, but looking ahead.  Ahead towards the possibilities that will come.  Not everyone can walk on water.  Some of us get stuck onshore. We allow fear to paralyze our hearts, minds, and souls.  Others get up and make a choice to walk, move forward in spite of what’s around us, behind, and before us and we choose to walk.

We choose to be brave!

Have you had a moment in your life that you’ve had to walk on water?  Was there ever a moment when you honestly said to yourself, I can’t do this, it’s all too much.  Those are the moments we must get up, walk, and be brave!


Some days take our breath away in beauty, and others take our breath away in pain. Either way, they are both opportunities to move forward and walk on water.

‘Til Tuesday

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  1. NInalou Risolio Avatar
    NInalou Risolio

    Love the encoutagement to keep on keeping on in spite of the pain or beauty!

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