The Jacket and me…​

This weekend I was in a room full of love and celebration, and the next day a room full of judgment and excess. I belonged in both rooms.   It was a weekend of bipartisanship, literally. I sat in awe that I had come so far.  A little Puerto Rican girl from The Bronx was seated … More The Jacket and me…​


I currently am walking through the long corridor of Menopause! I’ve found a couple of doors along the way I refuse to open and others that I couldn’t help but open, walk in, take a seat and stay for a while! In those rooms, I’ve learned lessons that have shaken me to the core and … More Doors…​

Dream, dream so big it kinda scares you a bit!

I’ve always been a dreamer. I’ve always had a vivid imagination of life, especially my life. Growing up in the Bronx housing projects you kinda have to be creative with your mind, and with what the future can be. I desired beautiful things. A secure marriage, healthy children, and a voice! A voice that would … More Dream, dream so big it kinda scares you a bit!