When I First Saw You (In honor of our Anniversary​!)

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“When I first saw you, I said “Oh my”
I said “oh my, that’s a dream, that’s my dream.
I needed a dream when it all seemed to go bad
Then I found you, and I have had the most beautiful dreams
Any man’s ever had”*


We met while I was visiting Los Angeles.

He was tall, dark and handsome. He was smart and funny and helpful. He was the man that God had chosen all along to be my life partner. I remember someone saying to me, “whoever marries that young man is going to be one lucky girl.”

That girl turned out to be me!

When I returned to New York, I knew that things had to change, I just didn’t know how. The life I lived was a mix of public and private

functions. Dinners out, concerts and travel. No one truly knowing how alone I was and the many nights I cried myself to sleep, and the many nights I slept alone.

Robert called. He called June 8, 1993, and we haven’t stopped talking. Twenty-four years later and we are still having a conversation. Creating, dreaming, working and believing for our future together. Many folks tried to deter us from getting married…

…. but God!

Our courtship was over the phone. I was living in NYC pursuing my dreams of working as a news anchor and hoping to have my very own talk show someday. I was also Associate Producer for WNBC-TV, on Visions and Positively Black. I didn’t realize that as I entertained his phone conversations, which were harmless,

I was falling in love, and he loved me from afar.

What transpired was a whirlwind romance. The proposal and marriage all within a six month period. Robert knew with all certainty that I was the one and that there was no need to wait. It was truly the most beautiful courtship filled with intimate moments and details that only we know meant the world to us.

I love how God orchestrated our lives, though painful and humiliating the journey was to get to him…

..it was right.

Many folks have asked if I would change anything about my life. They often expect to hear me say my previous relationship. Yes, there are some moments in that eight-year journey that I would like to erase, but it was those defining moments that led me to the life I am living now.

Someone once told me that my faithfulness to God brought me, Robert. And yes, they are right.  It has not been perfect.  But it has been beautiful.  Beautiful pain and beautiful joy bringing us closer to each other.  Even in our silence, in our disappointments, we know that love, commitment and forgiveness are the most powerful attributes to our relationship.

You are still my dream


 Let God lead you to where you are supposed to be.  His vision is greater and with it comes peace.

Til’ Tuesday

*Tom Eyen and Henry D. Kreiger (Lyrics- “When I first saw you, DreamGirls”)

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