Mrs. Dash got it right….about race!​

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I don’t have a law degree, nor am I a political pundit (though some of my friends say I am), but what I am is a human being with a heart…and my heart is broken.

The events that occurred this weekend prompted another teachable moment for our family.  In the past year or so I have found more teachable moments than I care to admit.

As I sat and witnessed what was happening in our country, I felt physical pain.  My heart hurt, my mind was spinning, and  I found myself yelling at the TV.  No! STOP!  What is happening in our country! Who are these monsters of hate?  I knew I understood, but it was unimaginable that in 2017 we would see such deplorable behavior.

The following morning I went to brunch with my son, and as I looked around the restaurant, I noticed business as usual.  As our country was reeling from these heinous acts of hate, I was witnessing diners co-mingling with each other.  But more importantly, they were all different races. I told my son to look around the restaurant, to notice what respect look like. We began to have a heart conversation.  What racism means, why it still exists and why it just won’t go away and the importance to stand up to injustice.

I can’t imagine a world where diversity didn’t exist.  I can’t imagine a world where my family couldn’t exist.  As a minority, I was raised to be proud and strong.  Not to feel inferior.  That an education puts on you the same playing field as anyone else.  That the color of your skin was just that…the color of your skin.

 When we are cut open, we are all pink, when we bleed we all bleed red, when we cry everyone’s tears are translucent.  

My heart is heavy as our nation walks through another season of apathy.  This must stop! We must change!  This is no longer something that is happening in another country, across the ocean, around the world.

It’s going on in our neighborhood, in our school, in our homes.  

So yes, Mrs. Dash got it right!  In that little bottle, it contains,  pepper, cumin parsley, celery, thyme, oregano, basil, cayenne pepper, garlic, carrot, orange peel, tomato and lemon, all the ingredients required to create a seasoning that not only takes good but is good for you.  They devised a formula that requires more than salt and pepper.   Interestingly enough it says it contains no salt, go figure the one white ingredient…BUT it requires all the others to bring a delish mosaic of flavor.

That my friend is what our lives should look like. We need everyone, each one. We need to respect our differences of opinions. We need to be able to co-exist with one another without spewing hatred towards one another.   We can’t exist without each other, caring for one another, respecting one another.  Each one of us brings a different voice, flavor, experience to the table.  Let’s learn to listen with open hearts.


Racism is a learned behavior.  It’s how you talk, it’s how you walk.  Pay attention to what you say. Become responsible for your words and actions.  The world is watching….our children are watching.


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  1. Ninalou Avatar

    Beautifully articulated, believing that if we pray and ask God to heal our land He will do it.

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