The older I get……the less I need…

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This past year I have experienced loss, and with each loss, I have sat still to ponder…what do I need.  I realized I needed less of everything and more of anything!

Fewer bags, shoes, clothes…these are things that can’t love you back.

I needed more of human connection. I needed more memories of moments that were spontaneous. I needed more laughter, more tears, more silence, more conversation.

Recently I’ve started to purge my closet yet again. I came across a section of clothes with tags on it…I came across designer bags I hadn’t used in several years. I thought to myself, why did I buy these clothes in the first place if they were not being worn immediately and why did I need all these designer bags if I hadn’t even used them for so long.

So, I began to post on eBay…a pair of Manolo Blahnik original $800 fetched $103! A pair of Gucci pumps original $1200 went for $84!!! Yup, you read that right. So where is the good stewardship in that?

Now don’t get it twisted, I love my designer bags and shoes, but I didn’t need to have so many!

What I realize as I get older, I need less stuff to fulfill me, less stuff to identify me.

As I am getting older, I know who I am, and know exactly what I want. No need to run after something that simply can’t love you back. So why do we pursue such things?

How can we teach our younger self that the things we are running after are not the things that will sustain us later in life?

That we need to invest in relationships. We need to invest in our minds, our hearts, and our souls.

Yes nice things are desirable, and I still have beautiful things, but I do not aspire to only have beautiful things, but beautiful moments.

My son once paid me the highest compliment.  He said, “Mom, you have never been about obtaining stuff, but about creating memories. ”
That my reader is what living is about.

While you are busy trying to obtain stuff, remember that creating a moment that will last forever is more important.

Before he turned 3o, Robert owned his first home and bought his first Rolex. After buying the Rolex he still felt unfulfilled. He realized his heart was empty. He stopped chasing things. He started focusing on relationships, and we met the following year and since we have been creating memories all the while picking up a few beautiful things along the way.

Look around your space, your home, your office. What is cluttering your heart, mind, and soul?  What is taking the place of human relationships, of showing up for each other?  Remove those things that can’t love you back and replace them with those that need you and you, need.  Create a space of joy and laughter.

Walk with those who need a helping hand.  You will soon learn that those are the things you need to fulfill you.  You will need less of everything and more of anything, anything that one has to give.


“The place where your treasure is is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.”      Matthew 6:21 (Message).

 Don’t make it about things, but make it about people.  

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3 responses to “The older I get……the less I need…”

  1. Esther Millan Avatar
    Esther Millan

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ninalou Avatar

    Thanks for the encouragement, I have come to the great understanding after many losses myself that it’s not about the stuff. Working in this industry where it tells you just the opposite, I found it’s easy to get caught up in it – the stuff. But like you said it’s the memories and llives we touch the people that love you and care about you that make life full!

  3. SOWE Avatar

    Yes i​t is. It’s the memories that will last.

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