Show up …for yourself!

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“We keep appointments with everyone else, but we don’t show up for ourselves” –

These few words literally shifted my thoughts on fitness and healthy living.


I’ve never ever been athletic…I would give an excuse during gym class…I think the teacher started to believe I was the “modern day woman with a flow”!  I hated changing into my gym uniform and God forbid I got my hair sweaty…those who know, just know.


So you see physical fitness was not for me…


Until 50 hit me upside my head, my gut refused to lay flat and my skin began to feel soft…like not feminine soft, just saggy soft.  So when I heard these words about physical fitness and healthy lifestyle, I realized, I had placed every excuse in front of me on getting healthier and stronger and maybe along the way lose a pound or ten!


The shift came this year right before 51!  I knew I didn’t want to enter my later years, frail, soft and with a gut…so the shift happened.  It was not easy, but I am very strong minded – otherwise known as stubborn and I refused to give up on myself.  Little did I know I had a few folks watching – those being my sons and they cheered me on this new journey of fitness and clean eating…Now don’t get me wrong, I have my occasional cookie, cake, and ice cream.. life must be enjoyed with moderation.


It’s been several months and though I have yet to see the gut completely disappear, I can honestly say I feel stronger, my mind is clearer, focused.  I sit taller and I am aware of what my body craves.


For those of you reading this and saying oh no, not for me…You don’t need to join a gym unless you are absolutely convinced you need to, you can take baby steps until you feel stronger.  Go for walks, not strolls, WALKS…sweat!  Lift weights, do sit ups, stretch, stretch and stretch some more.  Find a partner that might know a little more than you, that can keep you accountable and assist you when you are feeling defeated.




Show up for yourself!  Make an appointment that you cannot break!  Make yourself accountable to yourself!  You will feel great about it and after it!  I can guarantee that!  I do!


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3 responses to “Show up …for yourself!”

  1. norosario Avatar

    Love this!!! Yes! Be true to you. Thank you for the healthy reminder.

    1. SOWE Avatar

      Baby steps!!!! You won’t regret it!

    2. SOWE Avatar

      Show up for yourself! You will feel better because of it!

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