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Lately, I have been feeling like I’ve been walking on water.

This theme has been resonating a lot with me these past few months. I’m not quite sure why (maybe it’s The Chosen’s fault), but I am confident things will become more apparent as time goes by. As I delved into the theme of “walking on water,” I have come to understand that we ALL walk on water at some point in our lives.

Have you ever thought about that? The minute we wake up, we start to walk on water. Though most of us have some concept of what our day will entail, for many, it’s the routine of work, others parenting, others caretaking; whatever your task may be, you do it with the confidence and certainty that what you do will produce a desired outcome. So you might be saying, there’s nothing miraculous about that? Yet, if we look into the little details of life, the unexpected moments require us to walk on water.

The things we cannot control demand us to walk on water.

As the year starts to wind down, I have taken the mantra of Walking on Water as my focus for 2024. When I looked up some of the definitions attached to the term “Walking on Water,” it said to perform godlike or superhuman feats. The impossible, the miraculous.

I want to be aware each day of when, where, why, and how I had to walk on water. In 2024, I will acknowledge the impossible and the miraculous.

I will live in anticipation of many miracles

I will choose to speak of miracles

I look forward to continuing to see miracles

Walking on water is not simply for the “religious” but for those who believe in the impossible. Let’s acknowledge the little miracles of the day. The small happenings that only we would know matter. Those are our walking on water moments. Those are our miracles.

I will saunter into 2024 with the audacity of walking on water – every moment of my day!

“The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.” 

 Luke 18:27 (AMP)

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