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In my faith, we are taught not to worship any other gods, no carved gods of any size, shape, or form…

Yet, in our human nature, we worship other gods in different ways.

How can you discover what the idol is in your life?

Well, it’s simple

It’s that thing that consumes your thoughts.

It’s that ever-present worry.

It’s that obsession. 

It’s what keeps you up at night.

It’s the rage you feel when you think of a situation or person.

It’s the overwhelming adoration you have for a thing/person/situation.

It’s what we believe we cannot live without.

It’s what takes our breath away each time.

Idols are not always the statues lying around our homes; idols can also live in our hearts.

Truth be told…

I have idols-

I’ve had them since I was a kid.

As I mature, I realize these things that I chase after and believe will make me a better version of myself are not as fulfilling.

In our society, we have created idols out of folks who have no power to make our lives better. We have placed the burden of our happiness on a system and expect it to create a better life for us.

Idols come in many forms, and when we take a moment to sit and recognize what is consuming our time, we will identify the idol.

How do we move past this?

We let go of the expectation of a person, place, or thing to fulfill what only we have control over… ourselves.

We look to live outside ourselves, serve, and give without expecting anything in return and we let go of the one thing that we believe we have control over...which is others.

What are your idols?

Let's have a conversation…

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