The newness of motherhood…

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A few weeks ago, I attended a one-year birthday celebration. The party was brimming with newness! Expectant moms that were glowing, tired new moms, committed new moms. There was a palpable expression of joy and love.

It was refreshing –

Yet I found myself thinking… 

Do they know?

Do they know how challenging parenting will become even with the best kid? Do they know how your days will feel long, and the best intentions of your partner cannot replace the exhaustion their bodies will feel? Do they know that every day is a day you they will pray for grace and sometimes cry for sleep? Do they know that no matter how much love they feel at any given moment, panic may follow?  Do they know that they can do everything right and still not get the outcome they were expecting? Do they know that they will never experience this type of love in their life? Do they know there will come a day when they won’t have all the answers to their child(ren) questions? Do they know that they can not be all things at all times? Do they know that releasing them to the world will be the hardest part of being a mom? Do they know that there will be moments of heartache? Do they know that being a mom is the greatest gift?

For now, I will join them in their newness, celebrate their milestones, and rejoice in their expectancy!

Motherhood is a job with no description other than loving through it all.

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