In a dark closet…

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It’s been a while since I last blogged.

I survived quarantine.

I published a book.

I am surviving trauma.

I am barely coming up for air and slowly re-engaging into society.

I am observing things differently.

I am noticing the little things.

Acknowledging the details of every day.

I catch myself staring out of my window and simply

looking at the leaves in the trees.

Taking in the cool breeze and the gentle sounds in the atmosphere.

I will tread lightly into this next chapter of my life.

As I gently and quietly walk out of the dark closet I found myself in, I will take deep breaths.

Smile intentionally. Speak convincingly.

I am sure there are many who are walking out of their own dark closets with some trepidation.

It’s okay.

Gently let the light of day in.

You may squint from the sudden glare, but you will adjust to the light.

It will strengthen you. It will heal you. It will give you life.

Someone may be in a dark closet for many reasons.

Do not walk away from them.

Simply knock gently, with love.


Press into what you believe is true.

Seek truth.

Recognize what lies before you is a snapshot of a moment gone awry..

This too shall pass.

Just hold on.

‘Til Tuesday


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3 responses to “In a dark closet…”

  1. Rita McGhee Avatar
    Rita McGhee

    Your heart and soul is so beautiful
    This is all heart ❤️

  2. Drusilla Ortiz Avatar
    Drusilla Ortiz

    God alone saw what the occurrence would produce in you. Strength,courage,pain deep in mind,soul,and body. Now to be poured for others to rise also in victory that is only in Him.

  3. Ninalou Risolio Avatar
    Ninalou Risolio

    You always bless us, Mighty Warrior! Have a blessed week.

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