Open Hands…

Usually, by this time in the year, I sit still and ask God to speak to my heart and guide me with a focus for the next year.

If you’ve been a follower and reader of my blogs, you know I use a word to focus my life, business, family, career, and relationships.

This year was the Year of Yes.

Like many of you, I sat at home quietly, patiently, and prayerfully submitted to the mandate of being quarantined, wearing masks, washing my hands, and social distancing. I’ve said yes to all of it

I’ve said yes to letting things go that I held onto with dear life.

I’ve said yes to change. Change in my focus, relationships and career.

As I get ready to turn the corner towards 2021 – it will be the Year of Decisions. But this time, it is more so the year of learning to live with open hands in all of my decisions.

This year felt like we were all inside of an Etch-a-sketch. 2020 shook the Etch-a-sketch and all our dreams, plans, and lists simply dissolved.


I am not carrying focused goals, lists, agendas, markers to complete in 2021. I’m walking in with a clean slate. 

Leaving room for the unpredictable to take its place and learn to live in the present.

No controlled outcomes 


If anything, this year has shown me that there are our plans, then there are God’s plans, and God’s plans are so much better and rewarding!!!!

“Til Tuesday

Annette Ortiz Mata


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