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Six months of quarantine exposed a million little cracks that, if left unattended, would shatter…it would shatter our family.

Awkwardly sitting together in our first virtual session…

Family therapy.

Looking at a screen trying to communicate why we are here. How did we get here?

It was grueling!

It required us to hear words spoken of each other that would otherwise go unspoken. But in order to heal, we needed to know. We needed to know how the million little cracks developed.

And it began…

I began to wonder…
How can someone assess a family by conflicting recollections without experiencing it?
How can someone address the chaos that simply doesn’t seem to go away without living in it?
How can someone understand the emotion of our hearts without feeling it?

I quickly realized that it was not the therapist’s job to feel, experience, or live what we were living, experiencing, or feeling. It is his job to lead us. 

Allowing each person to speak uninterrupted.  Allowing each person to accept or deny what was being said without confrontation.  Allowing each person to listen to each other and acknowledge what they are hearing.

It is NOT easy. 

It is not easy to be told that what you may have done, you could have done differently.  It’s not easy to be told what you may have said, could have been said differently.

 Therapy is for those who are ready and willing to look at themselves in the mirror and expose themselves. In therapy, you must take off your mask and be HONEST.

Therapy will expose your weaknesses and strengths.

Therapy will remind you where you fail.

 Therapy will hurt.

Therapy will quiet your heart.  Therapy will make you laugh.  Therapy will make you cry.

So our little family will move through the halls of therapy; opening doors that were shut due to ignorance, indifferent, immaturity, and work our way to wholeness.  Learning better tools for communication.

Seek therapy only if you are ready to be exposed.  Seek therapy only if you are ready to be challenged.  But if you need it…seek therapy.

Lesson: There are always areas that require some attention.  

Pay attention to the details!

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2 responses to “Seek Therapy”

  1. Rita McGhee Avatar
    Rita McGhee

    Powerful!!! U and your family are out here helping and changing the world. Therapy is a good thing !!! Oh how I love a good / well trained therapist!!

  2. danimacattacks Avatar

    Years ago, our marriage was saved partly because of therapy. Individually and as a couple. We tell everyone we know who is struggling to seek professional counseling because you’re right- it’s hard – but in the end it is so empowering and healing!! Good for you guys!!

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