It is time to ….pivot!

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This global quarantine has exposed the best and worst of us.

Who will survive?

Who will thrive?

I spent the first three months submitted to focused stillness- then BAM!

The physical/social distancing kicked in…and I struggled!!

You see, the first three months were my decisions, my choices, my focus. 

When the self – distancing was required, imposed, demanded, and judicial then I was upset (as many still are)!

This is not what I wanted, or expected for a year of yes!

This was not what I wanted to say YES to, yet, I HAD to, and therein came the rub and the realization.

Though I thought this year was coming with some incredible life-changing revelation that would be so immense that I would not be able to contain, it hasn’t…yet! The job offer that would blow my mind, the management/consulting firm that would blow up with clients, it hasn’t…yet!

 The year of yes was going to require me to say yes to more than my own choices, but the choices that affected the greater good.

I was to say yes to health for others

I was to say yes to controlled shopping

I was to say yes to home-cooked meals

I was to say yes to a stillness that was to be uncomfortable 

I was to say yes to finances that required a budget

I was to say yes to the things that I never considered to be a point of consideration in my life.

So as the months go by and I continue to say yes to the unknown…

I will choose to stop complaining and live these moments with intention for they may never come again.

I choose to survive in greatness and so, the pivot begins…


What is going to take for you to pivot?  The time is now.


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3 responses to “It is time to ….pivot!”

  1. Rita McGhee Avatar
    Rita McGhee

    Pivot=surrender saying yes to God and releasing worry releasing my plans.
    Pivot =growth to go within hand build a faith that is stronger than any muscle

  2. NO Rosario Avatar
    NO Rosario

    Yes to thanksgiving! Good stuff.

  3. NInalou Risolio Avatar
    NInalou Risolio


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