The price of silence…

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It seemed so innocent.

A post…I left a comment and then… BANG!!!  

Just like that, I was entangled in a thread that left my head spinning.  I offered what I thought was an educated opposing comment to something a relative posted.

What I didn’t know at that moment, that they were not inviting opposing views or anything else for that matter.  What was worse, they misconstrued my post and took it there…all the way there and a heated thread ensued!

And just like that, I was blocked on all their social media platforms and banned from their LIFE!!!!!  A RELATIVE!!! What kind of world are we living in?

This blog isn’t so much about them but more about the experience.  The price of not being silent cost me a relationship. (Not the first time, by the way)


The price of silence would have allowed them to believe that I agreed with them.

So there I was wondering to myself…was it worth it?

And I am here to say YES!!!!  What I uncovered during the exchange was a perception of me that was totally false!.

There was an assumption of my faith, family, and my life that was completely misconstrued.

They didn’t know me!!  

They didn’t know the first thing about me, and here I was defending the “who I AM.”  So yes, there was a price to pay for my silence all these years.  For not engaging in what should have been a continuous conversation and not just a social media/snapshot relationship.

At the point of the thread fiasco, it was all too late to clarify…I was silent too long.  I was told just walk away, leave it alone.  I realized that that may be healthy in some instances and horribly detrimental in others.  Sometimes we need to call out things we see are wrong and exercise the right to speak up for ourselves, and we must expect that to be reciprocated on our own posts and be okay with it.   That’s called a constructive dialogue, which I am learning on Social Media is not a popular occurrence.

We have to stop letting social media maintain unhealthy relationships and give us an identity that is false and speak the truth so that the price of silence won’t be so high!

How authentic is your world?


Don’t let someone walk away with your dignity.  

Stand up straight and keep moving forward.

 I did.

“Til Tuesday



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One response to “The price of silence…”

  1. Ninalou Avatar

    Excellent article!!! So True and Truth these days is costly but standing for Truth is worth it! Your a Blessing!

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