Garage Sale…

“Don’t accumulate possessions; accumulate experiences – Mark Batterson

Have you walked up to a garage sale or estate sale and wondered how much the homeowner must have “loved” these items, and now here they are laid out on a table going for just a few bucks?  I often wonder did these things bring joy, love, and peace? Did these items love them back?

I am asking myself, how many “things” do I truly need.

Are my possessions loving me back? Is that even possible?

A few weeks ago, the fires were in our neighborhood.  The early morning bang on the door.  Awaken by the urgency to get up and get ready, and wait for the “go” of ready, set, go.

As we started packing our cars, I grabbed my waterproof, fireproof briefcase. Thank you, Suze Orman, for my organizer which contains all pertinent documents that identify us as alive and citizens. I grabbed the thumb drives that has all of our sentimental videos and pictures, thank you Legacy Box for that, and the fine jewelry that belonged to my mom, my mother-in-law and my own.  I knew to take a priceless picture off the wall of Robert’s grandma in which she is two years old, my father’s Martin Guitar and several of my brother’s classic guitars and clothes for a few days along with my laptop.

That was it!

I am sure that if I looked around long enough there were “things” that I would have loved to pack, but the urgency was real.

The safety and security of my family were primary and a few irreplaceable items were all that mattered.

I realized at that moment that I didn’t take the “possessions” that couldn’t love me back.  No purses, expensive shoes, clothes, furnishings, or fancy dishes.  What was important were the items that brought me joy (cue Marie Kondo).  The items of which when I looked over at them produced a smile and sweet memories.

As I walk into this new year, a new decade I am challenging myself to take inventory on my stuff. I dare you to do the same. Take inventory on what you hold dear and true to your heart.  Are those things you love capable of loving you back?


Challenge yourself this next decade to create experiences and not accumulate possessions, because somewhere in your future they will be sitting out on a table in a garage sale.


‘Til Tuesday

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