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Though the summer season is not over, in our home, it is.  School starts up along with the hustle and bustle of it’s routine.

With several weeks left into our summer season, I often wonder how many of us really did the following – relax, unplug, slow down, meditate, smile, have fun, enjoy life, breathe and take it easy?

Folks often think that going away on vacation is “the vacation.”  Yet, many of my friends, myself included, took some wonderful “staycations.”  No need to buy expensive airline tickets, or wonder how to plan and pay for hotels.

Sometimes staying still in the space you live in is the greatest rest.  

If we could learn how to slow down and relax in our own homes, we can start looking at how we live and where we live a little differently.  We discover things that we often overlook because we are in such a rush.

Taking long walks in your neighborhood.  Driving to your nearest beach and enjoying the sound of the ocean.  Discovering your local restaurants, bookstores, go for a hike, movie theaters, coffee shops.  Going to your local park and having a picnic. Inviting friends over for dessert, dinner and enjoying board games. Enjoying your local museums.

With the day to day schedules and our hectic lives, we don’t get to do these activities.

Slow down and breathe.

If you haven’t had time to do any of these activities or you haven’t been able to “afford” a vacation – simplify what vacation means to you and unplug.  Don’t torture yourself with what others are doing and just create the best experience for yourself.  I’m sure someone else wouldn’t mind joining you.

What are some of the things you can do to create a beautiful moment and memorable experience that won’t cost you anything?


Create a life you don’t need a vacation from and just breathe.

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