Is it just me…or is it hot in here?

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Wanna go for some Pinkberry? Sure! So we all packed into the car and headed out to get our favorite frozen yogurt.  As we sat and enjoyed our delicious yogurts, I suddenly felt like my chest was going to explode.  My heart was pounding, and I felt faint.

Robert, I am not feeling well, I said as calmly as possible.  He took one look at me and said, let’s go to the ER.  There I was sitting in the ER being treated for what went undiagnosed.

They sent me home and told me to rest…

Wait, what?  What’s wrong with me, why did I feel like my heart was beating a mile a minute,  yet there is nothing wrong with me!

I  soon learned I was walking towards this incredible road called Perimenopause that leads you into MENOPAUSE!!!!.. My mental, emotional and physical life would be entering the most treacherous roller coaster ride.

God help my kids!  God help my husband!

This taboo subject, which honestly ladies…we do not talk enough about… WHY!!!!  It’s real!  It’s physical, emotional and a mental health issues. And we need to speak more openly about how we each individually navigate this incredible transition in our womanhood.  It’s personal and different for each one of us..but here are some of the interesting symptoms I have navigated.

Sweating profusely in the most inopportune times – thank God your girlfriends walk around with mini – fans that you can attach to your iPhones:)

Sleeping with a fan straight, while you throw the covers on and off, as you sweat profusely in bed!

Not remembering a thing – complete brain fog! Suggestion -Write everything down.

Anger, joy, crying, laughing and staring off into space all in a moments notice.

Going to bed at 6p – just because you want to the day to end!

Bloating! Dieting! Weight Gain….all the while your metabolism comes to a complete STOP.

Intermittent menstrual cycle – you can’t plan anything!  So you put on your safe clothes.

Sluggish intimacy-  Not wanting to be touched because we are too hot!!!!8126BB12-3290-4A14-9A6A-1B77A44DDDF1

These are just a few of the symptoms…sorry ladies, but this is only the beginning until you get to the other side and you realized you’ve SURVIVED.


Just try not to leave too many casualties along the way.

I’ve had to apologize to my sons for my erratic behavior when I understood what was happening to me.  They thought I was half out of my mind, which honestly, I WAS!

BUT...we survived. We came out on the other side because I HAVE wonderful friends who were willing to openly share how they walked through this part of their lives.  They sat with me over tea, coffee, breakfast and talked me through the madness.


Find trusted friends you can discuss your concerns.  When you feel like you are coming undone..walk, talk, sing, dance or just sleep.  This too shall pass…I know, it’s passing for me.

‘Til Tuesday

4 responses to “Is it just me…or is it hot in here?”

  1. WE Services Avatar

    OMGoodness!!! The mental fog is real and I can’t wait for it to go away. I want to start every conversation with…I used to be smart and normally do think through a thought but then…..that infamous squirrel crosses my path and there goes my train of thought….ugh!

    1. SOWE Avatar

      It’s real…I’m doing a lot better. But because of the brain fog, I live my life with lists…It keeps me on task.

  2. Elisabeth Webb Avatar
    Elisabeth Webb

    This is perfect 👌🏽 Big key as you stated, talk about it with girlfriends, (relatives if you’re fortunate enough to have them). It is, (was), a super difficult season sometimes and living in a house of all males, impossible to be understood. I insisted that our dog be female, lol – Schatzi and I sometimes just go and hide out in my bedroom and cuddle, (of course, until I get too hot and can’t stand her hairly body near mine). We’ll make it, those before us did. Sure wished my mother’s generation spoke openly about these issues. Maybe once or twice I over heard she and her girlfriends talking abouut Gladys or Irene were crazy 😜 maybe that’s what they were referring to – “changing life” – no joke it’s a CHANGE alright.

    1. SOWE Avatar

      It’s interesting…I didn’t understand what my mom was going through when we were teenagers. All I remember is she would go lay down and lock the door. Now that I am there, I realized and understand what it was she was doing. Staying away so she wouldn’t kill (jk) us!!

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